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From humble beginnings in comic-industry to multi-industry corporation

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In 2010 young boy from Vesanto, Finland, made lots of comics and he wondered "what should I do with these"? He founded a company which we may know as a Happy Frankenstein in now days.

He published his first comic magazine in 2009, before the company even exist. First issue of RSJJ was sold out immediately.

man coding

After that he made more comic magazines. They were selling good in fairs and events.

Soon enough Happy Frankenstein, formerly known as Studio Stupido, had published eight comic magazines. Some of them were popular and others were not.

Happy Frankenstein was started as just a concept of a business that started and continued to grow as time went by.

corporation headquaters

Happy Frankenstein made some short animations too. Unfortunately you can not find them anywhere any more.


Happy Frankenstein has made four games. Three of them are "Anguish" -games. Anguish is a game series developed and published by the Happy Frankenstein. Fourth game is called Spitskapol. Spitskapol was arcade type multi player shooter game made in 2014.

woman taking notes

Happy Frankenstein also kinda owns small company from Finland called Sporobytes. Sporobytes formed a website-forming business that continues to grow. We design to innovate and innovate in design. Future looks bright and birds are signing as sun shines over out business ventures.

Finland's national flag

You can visit Sporobytes.com for further information.

"In our bright future we look to innovate and grow our business and corporation in many ways as humanly possible. By purchasing our products, you help to form more services and infinite possibilities, which of we have not even reached the tip of our iceberg."

tip of the  iceberg