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Forum rules
Happyfrankenstein.com rules
HFcloud rules
  • Ender user lisence agreement
  • Marketplace rules
    • Developer rules
    • Marketplace user rules
  • Download center rules
    • User rules
  • Programming service rules
    • Programming rules
  • Cloud service rules
    • User rules
  • Customer rights
  • Our rights
  • Customer rights
  • Our rights
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy


    A.) Purpose

    Our purpose is sell good and cheap 
    -cloud service 
    -download center
    -programming service
    and entertainment stuff mainly for normal people and small corporations. 
    To achieve our mission we give a change to people to get good service for low price. By using our products you agree all of these terms and our privacy policy.

    Forum rules

    • Swearing is not allowed in forum.
    • No pornographic content!
    • Spamming is not allowed!
    • Respect others!
    • Don't steal someones identity!
    • Don't talk sh*t about others!
    • Threating and other bad habits are not allowed!
    • By using our forum, you agree forum hosters user agreement too. You see it when you create new profile and you must accept it for creating new profile. If you don't agree it, you can't create new profile.
    • Users who break the rules will be banned!

    Happyfrankenstein.com rules

    • In comment areas respect others
    • Don't steal anything from our site!
    • Any picture, text or any kind of art is copyrighted material and you shall not use them with out permission of content maker!
    • Happyfrankenstein.com can use your comments in advertises!
    • Don't share any personal information, what you don't want everyone else know, for other users!
    • Don't post anything racist, offensive or harmful in our web sites!

    HFcloud rules

    • Ender user lisence agreement

      • By using HFcloud, happyfrankenstein.com and/or our forum, you agree all of terms and our privacy policy
      • HF doesn't give refunds in "hacker-cases."
      • HF doesn't give refunds if someone break the rules or law.
      • HF doesn't give refunds in "user moded our product"-cases.
      • In the unlikely event we end up in a legal dispute, it will take place in Finland courts, applying Finland law.
      • Don't make anything what is harmful for our product.
      • You may terminate your profile and stop using our products in anytime you want with out telling us reason for that.
      • Mainly Happy Frankenstein doesn't sell your personal information to third parties, BUT because forum and our web site is hosted by somebody else, there might be some kind of possibility to that, they can see some of your personal information, example your name.
      • Don't upload anything, what could be harmful to yourself. Keep this advice in your mind: Don't upload anything, what you don't want to upload in the internet (example in facebook).
      • No pornographic content!
      • Any criminal content is illegal. It is out duty to "call the police" and stop anykind of criminal acting.
      • HF doesn't check your files except if we notice something illegal and we must check it's content.
      • If you see somekind of bug, it is your duty to tell it to us!
      • If user break the rules HF can delete users account or ban user.
      • We don't give refunds if USA is lurking our files!
      • If user don't buy now lisence after product time has gone, HF keeps users files in storage for one (1) year and after that HF will delete them unless user buy new lisence. 

        • Marketplace rules

          • Developer rules

            • Developer must have Premium++ lisence to start sell products in our marketplace.
            • Developer must own the content what he/she/they is/are selling. If developer uses content which is made by someone else than developer, must developer give us official permission (example something what proof that developer can use content in developers product) to proof that developer can use that in developers product. This kind of things are normal in example if developer downloads textures from the internet to game.
            • Developer get 80% from selling price.
            • If the product is hit (over 10 000 customers), developer who made it gets 85% from sell price.
            • By sending us developers product, developer agree that developer has made the product, not someone else. Example if developer sends us Anguish game, and developer doesn't have permission to distribute or sell it (in case of somebody is trying to sell Anguish game, the Developer should have permission from Happy Frankenstein) we do not sell or distribute it.
            • In case of developer is publisher must publisher have permission from original developer to publish it. In this kind of case publisher and developer must have somekind of contract of how they share money what they get from our marketplace.
            • HF can delete developers account or ban developer if developer break the rules. 

          • Marketplace user rules

            • User don't have anything like "you must buy this stuff." The user buy products if he/she want to.
            • User must respect developer's product lisence.
            • HF doesn't give anykind of refunds; If user buy something, it is permanent trade.
            • User can delete HF account with out telling us reason if he/she want to. If user is someone who doesn't have HF account he/she must create one.
            • User must have somekind of HFcloud lisence; It can be free version and above.
            • HF can delete users account or ban user if user break the rules.

          • Download center rules

            • User rules

              • User may not publish something what user doesn't own in download center.
              • HF doesn't support piratism; We will check files before we put them to download center.
              • If somebody (user) is trying to publish something what is obviously piratism, it is our duty to "call the police." (Because we do not want to be another Megaupload!)
              • Users must respect the lisence of product.
              • User must have Medium lisence to use download center.
              • User can delete HF account with out telling the reason if he/she want to.
              • HF can delete or ban user if user break the rules. 

            • Programming service rules

              • Programming rules

                • HF doesn't give anykind of refunds. 

              • Cloud service rules

                • User rules

                  • HF doesn't give anykind of refunds.
                  • No pornographic or illegal content
                  • HF doesn't check your files except if we see something illegal what get our attention.
                  • If user break law, it is our duty to "call the police."
                  • HF can delete or ban user if user breaks the rules.
                  • User must respect HF's rules. 

                • Customer rights

                  • Customer can delete HF account if customer want to.
                  • Customer doesn't have to tell a reason for account delete.
                  • You will only access and use HFcloud in the way this agreement allows you.
                  • You have the right to keep files in safe; we don't give any information example to authorities with out real, revelant permission or order. Except if we see something illegal and we must give some information to authorities. 

                • Our rights

                  • We may change or discontinue Services, and in such case, we do not promise to keep showing or storing your information and materials.
                  • For as long as HFcloud continues to offer the Services, HFcloud shall provide and seek to update, improve and expand the Services. As a result, we allow you to access HFcloud as it may exist and be available on any given day and we have no other obligations, except as expressly stated in this Agreement. We may modify, replace, refuse access to, suspend or discontinue HFcloud, partially or entirely, or change and modify prices prospectively for all or part of the Services for you or for all our Members in our sole discretion.
                  • For avoidance of doubt, HFcloud has no obligation to store, maintain or provide you a copy of any content that you or other Members provide when using the Services.
                  • Third parties may offer their own products and services through HFcloud, and we are not responsible for these third-party activities.
                  • You agree that we can use, store, and share information about you as permitted in our Privacy Policy.

                Customer rights
            • Pretty much same than in above
            Our rights
            • Pretty much same than in above

            • We disclaim any legal liability for the quality, safety, or reliability of HF.

            Privacy Policy 

            • We are constantly innovating to improve our Services, which means we may create new ways to collect information on the Service.
            • When you create an account with us, you provide us with information (including your name, email address, and password) that we use to offer you a personalized, relevant experience on HF.
            • We communicate with you using email, and other ways available to us. We may send you messages relating to the availability of the Services, security, or other service-related issues.
            • You are responsible for any information you post on HF, and this content will be accessible to others.
            • We keep your information for as long as your account is active or as needed.
            • If you delete your account we keep your files in our storage for one (1) year. After that we delete them. Except if user want to start using our products again.
            • We will notify you when we change this Privacy Policy.
            • We don’t share any of your personal information with third parties for direct marketing.
            • If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us. You can see our emails in contact us section on our main page.